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Visual Solutions & Display offers a variety of services tailored to meet your needs. We will work with you to design a concept that will activate your brand and connect with customers in an effort to increase sales. Many store retailers have relatively low budget allowances to build out their store. They typically include enough funding for fixtures but next to nothing for design which is one of the key elements for drawing a customer into your store. Our services are structured to provide options for retailers to choose the services that will best fit their timeline and budget. We bill on a fixed rate fee basis and will provide a fee estimate prior to starting any work. Our fees are based on the amount of work needed to create, design and execute your retail vision. Please take a look at our services listed below and let us know how we can create a solution to meet your needs.

Retail Design Services

We provide design services for both large and small retailers. Our team members are proficient in AutoCad and 3D renderings and can create a design for any space anywhere. Whether you are remodeling an existing store or leasing a new store, we can partner with you to help you bring your brand to life.

Kiosks & Retail Merchandising Units (RMU'S)

Kiosks and RMU'S are very popular in malls today. They provide an affordable way for a small retailer to have a presence in a mall with low overhead costs for rent and maintenance. RMU's can be moved and/or reconfigured based on the display needs. Most malls have guidelines that must be adhered to by RMU retailers when setting up and displaying their merchandise. We have helped many RMU retailer's stay within those guidelines while creating a functional visual display that extended their brand and attracted customers. Please click this link to view our Kiosk and RMU Design Gallery.

In-Line Stores

Visual Merchandising techniques can be used to captivate the customer's attention and to keep them in the store long enough to make a purchasing decision. In order to do this, the retailer must understand the customer's needs and they must be able to be visually communicate their ability to meet the need. We work with retailers to help you tell your story by developing visual merchandising solutions that speaks to your brand and resonates with your customers. Please click this link to view our In-Line Stores Design Gallery.


Are you looking for a way to increase your sales and improve your sales team? We can help you learn the basics for maintaining your windows and your point-of-purchase displays. We can also show you and your sales team how to work with customers to enhance their shopping experience as well as increase sales.

Commercial Merchandising & Display

Visual Solutions & Display has successful created solutions to help mall lessors with their window and other visual displays. Whether it's an window display for a vacant store or a seasonal display. We can customize a design to fit your commercial needs. Please click this link to view our COMMERCIAL MERCHANDISING & DISPLAY Design Gallery.